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Welcome to my official web site

This is my own site and is the one and only place on the net where you can see and chat with the real me.

I promise to bring you all new and unseen photos and video of me and my friends, updated regularly.

You may have seen other sites with my name, but this is the real thing.

The fantastic Mellie D

Recent Updates

8 September: 'Black Number' photo set and video

28 August: 'Callgirl' classic photo set

24 August: 'Boobie Sandwich' photo set and video

14 August: 'Overtime' photo set and video

14 August' Black Corset' photo set and video

21 July: 'Stockings' photo set and video

14 July: 'Wolf Whistle' Photo set and video

24 June: 'Its Hot' photo set and video

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